christian scott

About Me

i apply art, design, and research to bring about resilient and impactful initiatives for diverse organizations.

My expertise on participatory design touches on cities, community, sustainability, accessibility, pedagogy, and technology.

i hold a Master’s in Sociology from McGill University and am undertaking an interdisciplinary PhD at Concordia University (in Theatre, Design and Computational Arts, Urban Studies), where i am a member of the Performative Urbanism Lab, and Technoculture, Art, and Games.
i am the co-founder, and Lead UX Researcher of Mutual Design.

CV, Publications, and more about me.

Featured Projects


Whether you need to design and implement a participatory community initiative, develop a game, build an app, revamp your website to make it accessible (and reflect your principles), or apply to grad-school/grants, i'll provide the support and interpersonal/technical skills necessary to meet your goals. Collaboratively.

Coaching & Mentoring

—Playful ideation
—Leadership development
—Step-by-step strategy building and project design

Consulting Services: Participatory Design & Community Planning

—User research
—Site analysis (ecosystem)
—Project strategy
—Design and implementation of participatory methods, tools, and activities
—Co-design workshops
—Data analysis and accessible presentation of information

Architect & Prototype an Initiative or MVP

—Product/Service design
—Analog/Digital prototyping
—UI/UX design
—Web development
—Game design
—User testing
—Expert review (usability)


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