christian scott


My research practice relies on participatory action research (PAR) and Research through Design (RtD), methods that centre experience and social history, and emphasize collective inquiry, experimentation, knowledge-creation, and social change.

1. Master’s research paper.

on how urban collectives use creativity and innovation in/through DIY-urbanism.

2. Co-design handbook.

a community planning study case and action-toolkit on how to re-design a green space.
gentrifier, i.

a research-creation project on urban gentrification, the role we play within, and materiality.
4. Missed Connections: urban spacetime engagement through games.
a literature review on social encounter, connection, and engagement through time- and location-sensitive technology and games in public space.
Determinants of social protest in Mexico.

a quantitative study that explores: why do people take to the streets?
Guerilla gardening zine.

how to plant food in urban spaces.
7. Covidcene Journals.

(aka correspondence/correspondance) is a research-creation project that addresses the social distancing measures and the changes to daily life resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic through the creation of a series of typewritten journal entries typed on March 2020. The Covidcene brings an opportunity to rethink the intersections of (socially engaged) art and public pedagogy. What are the considerations and implications of art-making and art-thinking during a global pandemic?


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