christian scott


My research practice relies on participatory action research (PAR) and Research through Design (RtD), methods that centre experience and social history, and emphasize collective inquiry, experimentation, knowledge-creation, and social change.

1. Master’s research paper.

on how urban collectives use creativity and innovation in/through DIY-urbanism.

2. Co-design handbook.

a community planning study case and action-toolkit on how to re-design a green space.
3. gentrifier, i.

a research-creation project on urban gentrification, the role we play within, and materiality.
4. Missed Connections: urban spacetime engagement through games.
a literature review on social encounter, connection, and engagement through time- and location-sensitive technology and games in public space.
Determinants of social protest in Mexico.

a quantitative study that explores: why do people take to the streets?
6. Guerilla gardening zine.

how to plant food in urban spaces.
7. Covidcene Journals.

a research-creation project that rethinks the intersections of (socially engaged) art and public pedagogy.

8. Fire Emojis: Queerness and Online (sexual) Harassment.
An article for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center exploring online flirting and consent.


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